Nail Fungal Infections – Causes and Cures

Nail Fungal Infections – Causes and Cures

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An Overview of the Discussion

Fungal Infections are a very common but embarrassing condition that can affect numerous parts of the body.

Nail Fungus

Nail fungal infections are basically a mold. There are 10 different strains of these fungal spore infections. It will manifest with a tingly, itchy feeling near the nail on either the feet or hands. There has been a significant increase in fungal infections. The increase is due to:

Internal Factors

Candida, medicationsdiet & poor eating habits, stressful lifestyle & wheat are factors that can create nail fungal infections.

External Factors

An infection can be caught from another person or picked up in the gym or in the shower.

Beauty salons can also be a source of infections if the beautician or nail technician does not sterilise their equipment properly.   When applying acrylic nails, the area must be sealed properly without harming the area around the nail.

Wearing shoes constantly creates a breeding ground for fungus to grow, so take your shoes off as much as possible and wear socks made of natural fibers that can breathe.

Who is prone to fungal infections?

  • Diabetics due to poor blood circulation
  • People with low immunity due to illness, medications or poor diet.
  • People with allergies
  • Food related issues particularly excess wheat in the diet. Wheat is an antagonist for fungal infections, affecting the stomach lining by creating a fungal infection under the mucous lining. This results in windiness and bloating in the gut which will then come out in the skin. Use rye bread or gluten free bread and increase your intake of probiotics like live yoghurt, papaya, pineapple and paw paws to reduce fungus in the stomach.

Types of Fungal Infections

Infections usually affect middle aged people, but children are also prone to fungus, getting cracks in between their toes.

  • Athletes Foot
  • Itchy Groin
  • Ringworm
  • Thrush
  • Skin pigmentation & psoriasis is often the result of candida or a fungal problem in the stomach.

Most fungal infections start with the stomach, so get your gut healthy !

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