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Founders: Lifetones – Vincent and Cheryl Tones

Vincent’s Mother, Edith Lonsdale (formerly Tones) began a health shop, the Health Box, 40 years ago. His Uncle founded “Noogy Sweets” and his Aunt founded “Nature Source” muesli.

After completing his national service, Vincent began pursuing his career path in the health industry. His expertise in this field, coupled with a burning desire to utilise his own innovative talents, resulted in Vincent taking over the management of the Health Box in 1993, and ownership in 1994.

In conjunction with managing the business, Vincent and his wife, Cheryl, started their studies in Herbalism and Nutrition through the SA College of Herbal Medicine and Health (SACOH). Within three years, both Cheryl and Vincent completed their internship under the guidance of Dr Anderson.

Cheryl Tones has a passion for helping people with their ailments no matter how complex. Guiding a person through the healing process is what gives Cheryl her practical formulating skills.


If you have any questions regarding NatureLife products or would like more detailed assistance with your health matters, please feel free to contact Cheryl Tones, an experienced Phytotherapist, on 082 440 9374 during working hours.